Selecting a Nursing Home in California

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Selecting Nursing HomeOne of the most important and difficult decisions a person can make is the decision to put someone they love in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

At Young & Wallin, our attorneys’ experience with elderly abuse cases, and with litigation in the state and federal courts of California, tells us that some nursing home providers are better than others. That said, how should you choose a nursing home? What are the important things to consider? What are the signs of good care?

Selecting a Nursing Home in California

  1. If a loved one has been admitted to a hospital, you may have only a short time (24 hours or less) to find a nursing home. If you have been notified that you have to find a facility quickly, you can buy yourself a few days time by filing an appeal with the hospital administrator.
  2. Research online. Start by looking at facilities close to home and at not-for-profit care providers. Not-for-profit providers are few and far between but are generally well worth the trouble it may take to find one. The Internet may also provide access to DHS complaints or negative reports from consumers. While context may be missing from such information, it can still be worth considering.
  3. Ask to see the most recent DHS survey of the facility. This should be kept at the front desk and can provide you with a wealth of information regarding how the facility is run on an overall basis. Be sure to ask about any infractions and what the facility has done to correct them.
  4. Stop in unannounced. Stop in outside visiting hours. Stop in again.
  5. Take note of the general conditions on your visit(s). Are there strange smells? Are the bathrooms clean? Are windows and corners and other hard to clean places dirty? Are the residents in activity areas together or do most seem to be isolated in their own rooms?
  6. Talk to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman cannot recommend any particular facility over another but if you ask questions about staffing and other common issues or complaints, they will answer.

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